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Growth Rate of Scientific Publications in Malaysia: World’s No. 3 in Scopus

IRANSCEA: The growth rate of Malaysia for scientific publication has increased to 6% among 25 world top countries in Scopus citation center until April, 2017, said Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) president Dr. Muhammad Javad Dehghani.

chart 1

Dehghani mentioned: According to Scopus citation center, Malaysia had produced 26781 publications in 2015 which is increased to 28435 in 2016. As it is shown in the following figure, Iran, Russia and Malaysia are ranked in Scopus in the first to third places respectively regarding the growth rate in the same mentioned period.


Among Islamic countries (OIC), Iran, Malaysia and Turkey are in the list of 25 world top countries. Islamic Republic of Iran is in the first place, Malaysia in the third place and Turkey is in the fifth place of the world with 15%, 6% and 3% respectively, ISC’s president said.




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