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Universities Accreditation by Scientific Counsellor of IR Iran in East Asia

IRANSCEA: All those Universities in the region which are targeting Iran’s market and planning to attract more Iranian students, accreditation by Scientific Counsellor of Iran in East Asia is needed as all students need to re-evaluate their obtained certificate latter on back in Iran.

Depend the quality of the education, service provided to the students, past experience of Iranian and the type of their relations with Iranian Educational Institutions and Universities and etc, we are giving different type of accreditation. ( See MOU/MOA) 

The first step to apply for accreditation is sending an official letter requesting for accreditation directly to  the Scientific Counsellor and Director of Iranian Students in East Asia.

Along with the offical request, the university needs also to fill up the following forms (1,2,3) completely and emailed to the office of Scientific Counsellor of IR Iran in East Asia through info@iranscea.com cc to ghanbari.abbas@gmail.com. These are the forms:

Form Number 1: General information about the University: Word and PDF format.

Form Number 2: Information about the Students Services and Facilities: Word and PDF format.

Form Number 3: Information about the specific program: Word and PDF format. (For any program that you would like to get accreditation, you need to fill up separate form).

On receipt of the request and forms endorsed by the highest official authority of the University, the office of Scientific Cousellor will do the primary assessment and contact will be made with the University in relation to further arrangement.

Note: All those universities who did not apply for accreditation all fail to get it will be on Non Advisable list of Universities for Iranian students.

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