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First Laureates of Mustafa (pbuh) Prize received Their Awards

IRANSCEA: Dr. Sourena Sattari, vice president of science and technology, Dr. Alireza Marandi, President of Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences and Dr. Abdolsalam Al-Majali President of Islamic World’s Academy of sciences gave the prestigious Mustafa (pbuh) Prize to the Laureates.

According to the Public Relations Department of Mustafa (pbuh) Prize, after screening short films about life and career of selected scientists of Mustafa (pbuh) Prize, Prof. Ying winner of Life Sciences and Medicine category gave her speech.

Professor Ying described about her participation to Mustafa (pbuh) Prize and appreciated his Thesis advisor who had an important role in her life and professional career.

Mustafa Prize

She also added, “I appreciate my colleagues, my parents who are always supportive even when I converted to Islam, my daughter who is very understanding despite of her age and although I spend short time with her.”

She continued, “I am very thankful to my friend Nourina, my close friend and dear colleague who introduced Islam to me. Islam changed my life and it changed my goal in life. ”

She also appreciated jury of Mustafa (pbuh) Prize and expressed, “the best thing in this event is that it is a gathering of Muslim World scientists which is very helpful for improving science and technology in Muslim countries.”

Professor Omar Yaghi, winner of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology category in his speech stated, “It is a great honor to receive Mustafa (pbuh) Prize. I appreciate members of policy making council of this prize. I was born in Jordan and when I was 10, I got familiar with drawing molecular structures and this love is with me since then.”

He also commented that governments should give freedom to scientists and let them experience failure and failure to find the way of success and that is the true way of success in scientific fields.

At the end he appreciated Mustafa (pbuh) Prize organizers for selecting him as the winner of the first edition of this science and technology award.

About the Mustafa Prize

 The Mustafa Prize is a top science and technology award granted to the top researchers and scientists of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member states biennially.

The Mustafa Prize seeks to encourage education and research and is set to play the pioneering role in developing regional relations between science and technology institutions working in the OIC member countries. It also aims to improve scientific relation between academics and researchers in order to facilitate the growth and perfection of science in the OIC member states.

جایزه مصطفی

The Prize is awarded in four categories, namely “Life Science and Medical Sciences”, “Nano Science and Nanotechnologies”,  “The Information and Communication Science and Technologies”, and “Top Scientific Achievement in other fields”. The laureates in each section will be awarded 500,000 USD which is financed through the endowments made to the Prize. The winners will also be adorned with a special medal and certificate.

The Mustafa Prize started its job in 2013. The Policy making Council of the Prize which is tasked with supervising various procedures of the event is comprised of high-profile universities and academic centers of OIC member states. The prize will be granted to the works which are deemed to have improved the human life and have made tangible and cutting-edge innovations on the boundaries of science or have presented new scientific methodology.




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