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Letter of Eligibility (ELO) Application

IRANSCEA: According to the letter from Department of Higher Education Malaysia (JPT(BEM)1000/016/046 JID 4 (6) date: 10/09/2015) and also instruction by Education Malaysia Global Service (EMGS) to all higher education institutions in Malaysia, regarding the activation of Letter Of Eligibility (ELO) as part of the academic admission process of the Iranian students in educational institutions in Malaysia.

The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran (the Embassy) would like to convey the following:

1-The Embassy took this step in order to ensure the well being and welfare of all the Iranian students in Malaysia and protect them from any inconvenience that may arise in their study life in the country.

2-The institution is required to open the profile in the Scientific Counsellor Section of the Embassy by filling up the forms Numbers 1 & 2 (for public Universities) and forms Numbers 1, 2 and 3 for (Private Universities/Colleges). All the forms and the attachments must be stamped by the authorized person. (if the institution has submitted before, please ignore this section).

3-The Esteemed Vice Chancellor/Presidents may nominate an institution’s high authorized official for briefing session with the Scientific Counsellor about LOE, should they provide requested forms. 

4-During the briefing session in the Embassy, all the requirements and conditions for further arrangements will be discussed.

For any further information, please communicate with us through info@iranscea.com .




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