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Message From Scientific Counsellor!

عباس قنبری

IRANSCEA: Welcome to the website of the Scientific Counsellor and Director of Iranian Students in East Asia.

I.R Iran is one of the fast developing countries in the world, especially in terms of Knowledge, Science, Medicine, Technology and Innovation. Even though traditional Education in Iran can be traced back to more than 7000 years ago, now it’s enjoying of very Modern Universities, Medical Centers, Technology Parks, Research and Innovation Centers, Research and Development Center (R&D) etc.

Though far apart from each other geographically, Iran and South-East Asian countries were enjoying of prolong traditional friendship since the establishment of relationship in ancient time.

The relationship is now facing important opportunities for further development. Many of Iranian Elites are serving here as Professors, Lecturers and Researcher in different Universities and Research Centers. Thousands  student are in the region, especially in Malaysia, Philippine, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea and rest of the countries. They have had lots of contributions to their respective universities and centers in terms of publications, new patents, and research and had played major role in upgrading the Universities in their Education and Research index and Global Ranking.

A mutual, stable and growing Iran and South-East Asia relationship in terms of Education, Science and Innovation not only serves the fundamental interests of the both side and peoples, but also contributes to peace and development of the Asia Continent and the world at large.

The Scientific Counsellor and Director of Iranian Students in East Asia is committed to promoting the Education, Scientific and Innovation ties and enhancing mutual understanding, exchanges and cooperation between our two peoples.

We are devoted to using this website to provide information and services needed and making it a window to help all Organizations, Centers, Universities, NGOs etc to understand each other and a bridge for friendship between the Iran and South-East Asian Countries people. We also stand ready to do our utmost to provide rich information and quality service for people from all walks of life.

I hereby would like to express my sincere appreciation for your great support and help to the development of our bilateral relations. We truly welcome and value your views and comments.

Dr. Abbas Ghanbari Baghestan (ghanbari.abbas@gmail.com)




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